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Mr. Paul Rusu
General School no.9, Hunedoara, România

Deva, 330065, Str. Gheorghe Bariţiu, Nr. 2
Judeţul Hunedoara, România

+40 254 211 642



The Pre-College Education Union - District Of Hunedoara


You are the Union! A Union is strong and efficient if its members make it that way!


In December 1989, the Romanian people brought down the totalitarian communist regime, choosing freedom and democracy, the eternal ideals of mankind. Of course, the structures which supported the old regime had to be changed; among them, the Unions. They had to become independent from the state, political parties and any other kind of organizations. Therefore, dozens of independent unions appeared all over the country, and at the central level, the Union Federations divided on occupational branches and the Union Confederations, are formed.

The first new union groups appear in the pre-college education institutions from the district of Hunedoara between January and February 1990. They are formed mainly under the care of commuters and substitute teachers, more concerned with the changes in the laws regarding the situation of teachers. They form union structures at local level, but not at county level, although most of their problems required negotiation with the School Inspectorate. The local unions become direct branches of the national federations: the Pre-College Education Unions Federation and the Free Education Unions Federation. A characteristic of this period is the lack of a normative framework which would establish the unions activity, and also the lack of internal regulations (decisions, regulations, reports, and minutes).

The Pre-College Education Union from the District of Hunedoara (S.I.P. Hunedoara) was formed at the beginning of 1992, by uniting the Unions from Deva and Hunedoara. The first statute of the Union was created in March, and registered at the Judicial Court in Deva. In the same year, other Unions from the District of Hunedoara join the newly formed association: Hateg, Calan, Simeria, Orastie, while others such as the Unions from Brad and Jiului Valley continue to function independently as branches of the National Unions.

1996 constitutes a turning point in the history of the Pre-College Education Union- Hunedoara. The flawed functioning of the unions from the schools in Jiului Valley, the lack of information, the absence of results in the activity of the unions on the one hand, and the specific raise in salaries obtained by the S.I.P. Hunedoara for the employees from Jiului Valley and Brad on the other hand, determine the unions from these areas to join the District Union. From this moment on, the District of Hunedoara has only one Education Union.

The District Conference of S.I.P. Hunedoara in 1998 represents another important moment; it brings important changes to the statute of the institution, like: the greatest power of decision goes to the District Council of S.I.P. Hunedoara, formed from the leaders of the branches and other major representatives of the unions elected according to the number of members; the members elected to higher functions within the Union can not occupy political functions; the branches are run by local councils formed from union leaders employed in schools in the area; regulations concerning management as well as financial regulations are established.

At present, the Pre-College Education Union Hunedoara has 6019 members, belonging to 15 branches which cover the entire district. The percentage of Union members among the teachers is 82 %.
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